Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bearqueft Comix

I received Bearqueft Comix #3 along with some cool stickers in the mail for review a while ago. It arrived right in time for my birthday which was super cool and totally appreciated.
This issue is a 52 page B&W zine, including the cover, featuring an abundance of art from a ton of amazing artists. They include contact information for all the featured artists, which I totally appreciate, and label each page with which artist contributed that piece. You can also find this list of artists on the Bearqueft website which links directly to them. Click here to see the Hall Of Fame.

It is an interesting selection of art with multiple submissions for most, if not all, of the artists. There were a few pages with no context on it that I loved trying to guess what the inspiration for them was. [Although, it would be cool to have a “behind the scenes” issue where the artist could talk about their inspirations. Just an idea that I had the fifth time I flipped through the zine.] A few of the pieces are a statement about life and society, showing that technology has left us dissatisfied. There were also a few short comics within these pages. I do have to admit I love “Slum Cat” (which is a comic by Charlie Haggard who is the creator of Bearqueft) and want to see a lot more of this spunky cat in the future. There is also an untitled comic by Loïs Dalou that had a raw honesty within it that I thought more people need to see.
I adore the art in this zine and have sought out some of the creators to see even more by them. The mix of art that is both lighthearted and deep truly makes this zine feel very well rounded. I’ve included some photos of my favourite pieces. I didn’t want to spoil the end of the comic, so I only included two frames of it. I suggest you get yourself a copy of this zine and the previous issues. And luckily for you, Issue 4 is coming out soon. So keep your eyes peeled for that.
If you have any questions about this zine you can contact Charlie via Instagram, their website or email them at

Moldy Old Cider (designed cover art for Bearqueft as well)

Majic Monsters

Macartney Greer

For the record, if you are an artist in this zine and I didn’t mention you please do not feel left out. I truly loved this zine. It has taken me a long time to decide which people to mention or not.

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